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Guidelines for Continuing Medical Education Scheme

In consultation with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India it had been decided in 1985 to utilize the services of Indian Physicians settled in USA in Continuing Medical Education and Patient Care in India.
Two Scheme were planned:
(1) Continuing Medical Education Scheme.
(2) Equipment Donation Scheme.
The Medical Council of India was named the nodal agency for collaborating these Schemes and a CME. Cell was set up in the Council office in December, 1985 for this purposes. These schemes have been extended by the Central Govt., Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in 1993 to involve Indian doctors from UK and Canada also have been held under this Scheme under the auspices of the Council with the collaboration of the Association of Indian doctors in USA, UK and Canada along with various institutions in India. These have all been very successful and there is a growing demand for more such program to be held on a continuous basis every year.

Further, in November 1999, the Central Govt., Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has also extended its approval to hold the CME Programmes without participation of NRI faculty from USA/UK/Canada. 
A number of Continuing Medical Education Programmes

  1. Number of Programmes Held Each Year
    With an initial no. of 4 programmes held during the year 1985-86 the number of programmes have now increased progressively to 100 to 150 programmes per year.

  2. Selection of Subjects for CME
    The disciplines in which programmes are to be held are finalised by the Council depending on the request of such programmes in India and the availability of faculties in the co-responding discipline in USA/UK/Canada, if required.

  3. Responsibility of the Hosting Institutions

    1. To finalise the dates and topics for the programmes in consultation with the foreign faculty leader.
    2. To make all arrangements for holding the programme.
    3. To send invitations to Indian faculty members and others, at the discretion of the local faculty leader.
    4. To make arrangements for the stay of the visiting NRI/foreign /Indian faculty and their internal travel, if required.
    5. To make arrangement for the stay of other visiting faculty members and other delegates as required.
    6. To send the finalised programme brochures to the Council for distribution to all medical institutions at least three months before the dates of the programme.
    7. After the programme is held, a detailed report of the programme, with evaluation analysis from the participants regarding the programme is to be sent to the Council. Problems faced by the organizers and suggestions for improvement are also required to be sent.
    8. To collect abstracts/manuscripts from all the faculty members well in time before the programme.
    9. To publish the programme proceedings and distribute copies to all medical institutions in the country and to the Council.
    10. To send actual bills for expenses incurred towards hospitality of the visiting foreign faculty and publication of programme proceedings to the Council for reimbursement.
  4. Responsibility of the Foreign Faculty

    1. The foreign faculty members will bear their own travel expenses from USA/UK/Canada to India and back.
    2. The faculty leader has to identify not more than five faculty members to participate in the programme and such members should be senior professionals with experience in the corresponding discipline.
    3. A complete list of the visiting faculty members with their Curriculum Vitae is to be sent to the Council as soon as the faculty is finalised, for assessment.
    4. The dates and topic of the programme in consultation with the local faculty leader are required to be finalised.
    5. Dates for various programme should be spread through out the year, if possible.
    6. The faculty leader may send his report regarding the details of the programme, including their suggestions if any.
    7. The faculty leader may request all the visiting faculty to send abstracts and manuscripts to the local programme organizers before the programme is held.
  5. Responsibilities of the Council

    1. Selection of disciplines and venues for CME programmes.
    2. Interaction between the hosting institutions and the foreign faculty for finalisation of the programme, resolving of problems, etc., if any.
    3. To send official invitations to the visiting foreign faculty.
    4. To send announcements to all medical Institutions/Heal Services and to insert announcements in leading journals in the country well in time for wide publicity and maximum participation in the programme.
    5. To collect the detailed report of the programmes, evaluation analysis and programme proceedings from the institution hosting CME programme.
    6. To issue certificates of participation to the visiting foreign faculty, if identified by the Council.
  6. Financial Assistance

    As per rules the Council provides financial assistance as per the breakup given under options (a) & (b), therefore the institution hosting CME programme can opt only one option out of the following which is applicable.

    Option (a)

    For the CME Programme to be Held with NRI Faculty Participation:

    The Council can provide financial assistance of upto a maximum of Rs.1.00 lakh to the institutions hosting CME Programmes with participation of NRI faculty from USA/UK/Canada to meet boarding, lodging and internal travel expenses of the visiting NRI faculty including foreign faculty, if any and for publication of programme proceedings. However if an institutions requests financial assistance only for publication of programme proceedings, then the Council can provide only upto a maximum of Rs.40,000/-. The participation of NRI faculty from USA/UK/Canada is essential, for availing the said financial assistance.

    Option (b)

    For the CME Programme to be Held with NRI Faculty Participation:

    1. Toward boarding, lodging and internal travel Rs. 25,000.00 of the visiting Indian faculty.
    2. Towards publication of programme proceedings. Rs. 15,000.00
    3. For hiring of venue hall and audio-visual equipments. Rs. 10,000.00
  7. Not Reimbursable Items

    1. Expenses made by the foreign/Indian faculty for beverages, STD and ISD calls, etc.
    2. Expenses made by the hosting institutions for sightseeing of the NRI/foreign/Indian faculty members.
    3. Secretarial expenses.
    4. All other miscellaneous items apart from the reimbursable items which are applicable as stated above.


Prior Permission/Registration of Foreign National/NRI Desires to Participate in CME Programmes/Workshop/Post Graduate Course Holding in India – Regarding


 The Principal/Dean,
       All the Medical Colleges/Institutions in India.
2.   The Secretary,
       All Medical Associations in India.
3.   All the Hospitals in India.

Subject:- Prior permission/registration of foreign national/NRI desires to participate in CME programmes/workshop/post graduate course holding in India – Regarding


Your kind attention is invited to section 14(1) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 which reads as under:-

1. The Central Government after consultation with the Council, may, by notification in the Official Gazette, direct that medical qualifications granted by medical institutions in any country out-side India in respect of which a scheme of reciprocity for the recognition of medical qualifications is not in force, shall be recognized medical qualification for the purposes of this Act or shall be so only when Granted after a specified date, provided that medical practice by persons possessing such qualifications:-

  1. Shall be permitted only if such persons are enrolled as medical practitioners in accordance with the law regulating the registration of medical practitioners for the time being in force in that country.
  2. Shall be limited to the institution to which they are attached for the time being for the purposes of teaching, research or charitable work.
  3. Shall be limited to the period specified in this behalf by the Central Government by general or special order.

In view of the above, you are requested to ensure that all the Foreign Nationals/NRI faculty will have to take prior permission from the Medical Council of India if he/she demonstrates/conducts any procedure, intervention, surgery, drug therapy, application of any new device or any treatment, on a patient in any CME programmes/workshop/Postgraduate courses or any other programme, conducted by Medical Colleges/Hospitals/Medical Associations or any other medical organizations in India.

This is mandatory and Suo Moto action would be initiated by Medical Council of India against the erring medical college/institution.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,